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OXcan is built on cutting edge science

OXcan creates cutting edge new innovations using rigorous scientific approaches

Our science focuses on unexplored gaps in cancer management that could drastically improve patient outcomes and save lives

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We are cancer experts

Our scientists have decades of experience in cancer biomarker discovery, machine learning, proteomics, and genomics

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A focus on multi-omics

High throughput multi-omics with an emphasis on proteins to discover previously unknown biomarkers for unprecedented cancer early detection accuracy

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Pioneering machine learning

We develop proprietary state-of-the-art machine learning approaches tailored to maximising modern clinical and high throughput data potential

DEcancer - Our machine learning platform built on scientific domain expertise

Our machine learning approaches address key challenges associated with achieving successful cancer detection using liquid biopsy data

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Robust feature selection for high dimensional data

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Solution for analysing data with class imbalance

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Integration of multi-omics interactions

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Biological expertise informed algorithms

How does it work

Combining advanced mass spectrometry proteomics with tailored machine learning analysis, our scientific team works with leading experts to discover effective composite biomarkers for cancer management.

State of art multi-omic liquid biopsy analysis with a focus on proteomics

Proprietary machine learning approaches to maximise liquid biopsy and high dimensional clinical data potential

Feature selection of succinct biomarker panel for cancer detection

Readily implementable tests using standard and approved clinical laboratory procedures

Transformative innovations for cancer management